Pepper Adventure 2 was a sequel to a terrible RPGmaker game I created during High School. PA2 was never finished, nor do I intend to finish it anytime soon.

The main character, Amicum Cura, would go on an adventure to get more soda. Along the way, he finds friends that help him out, and finds that a man named Mr. Dick has fucked with the soda companies and plans on fucking shit up for everyone.

The idea was that the game would, unlike the first one, actually have sprites 100% created by me. Even the music was created by me. While most of the sprites and music were made by me, I had a few friends help make stuff for me. Eventually, I decided to stick with default tilesets that I bought over time. Until eventually, I lost all motivation and stopped working on the game after finishing the first boss.

I think its fairly obvious, but this game is a bit of a nod towards Vinesauce Joel's BBQ Quest. Whether its a tribute or a ripoff, you decide.


SCP RPG. An RPG game about the SCP Foundation and all of its weird and kooky SCP's. Now with 100% more swearing.

Available on Game Jolt,, and Newgrounds.

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